Kidmat Motza

Kidmat Motza

Five minutes from Jerusalem, surrounded by natural forest and overlooking a breathtaking view of the Jerusalem Mountains, is the flagship project of Shlomo Cohen, "Kidmat Motza".

This unique tiered building is located on private land next to the Jerusalem Forest, on the last parcel of land in Motza, a village with a quality population. The project will provide you with the rare opportunity to enjoy a luxurious, spacious suite with maximum privacy and a view. There is a transparent slanting elevator in the building. All the suites have an expansive sun porch, a balcony and/or a garden facing the endless panoramic view, a private entrance, covered parking, and a private storage room. You can choose a 4-room suite, a 5-room duplex, a 5.5-room duplex, or a 6-room villa.


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Talbieh, Jerusalem
2 Marcus St., P.O.Box 4509
Jerusalem, 91046 Israel
Tel. +972 (0)2 5611611
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