Selling Process

Colony's well experienced professional agents will guide you through the entire process:

  1. Deciding to Sell

    Be certain of your decision to sell, lest an indecisive selling attempt damages your future selling prospects.

  2. Handling documentation and taxation matters.

  3. Developing a marketing plan

    • Maximizing the exposure of the property to potential buyers.
    • Notifying you of other houses for sale in your area.
    • Informing you of recent real estate transactions made in your area.
    • Estimating the property’s market value.
  4. Preparing the property for display

    We will guide you as to how to convey an atmosphere of warmth and highlight the unique features of the property. When needed, we will provide referrals to service providers such as cleaners and painters.

  5. Showing the house to potential buyers

    • Screening potential buyers, so that only the serious ones will be shown the house.
    • Assisting the buyer in receiving mortgages.
  6. Closing the Deal

    When needed, handling the entire negotiation process, keeping you informed throughout it. Needless to say, the final decision will be yours.

  7. Legal Escorting, when needed

    • Matching you up with the appropriate lawyer.
    • Making sure that all the legal aspects are appropriately addressed.

    We will be happy to assist you with information concerning legal matters, tax issues and mortgages. Please contact us.

  8. Signing a Contract

    Upon signing, the seller needs to deliver the following documentation:

    • Property registration certificate
    • Capital gains tax certificate
    • City permits
    • Bank certificate stating that the property is free of loans
    • Registering the property as intended for sale at the Land Registry Office ("Tabo")